video woodhill 2024

There is only one ever first event for a new race car and the Cougar/ Hydrovac Can Am Maverick R won on its debut at the iconic 2024 Woodhill 100, taking first in Turbo SXS and third overall against stiff competition. Driver Andrew Williams takes the credit for a seventh place in qualifying despite a rear brake calliper locking on and dragging the car sideways on the road. He started the race with Neville Smith in the navigator seat and only 3 wheels with brakes as the broken rear calliper was removed. Andrew drove a reserved but flawless race, initially after being baulked by a V8 Class 1 he proceeded to chase down and pass NZ 1 the only SXS that started in front of him, then maintained a good speed till the finish. Pulling 160km (not full throttle) on the straights and smashing the sandtracks, Andrew found the Maverick R to be a big improvement on the X3, mainly because having the same size engine and gears had finally levelled the playing field. (Maverick R now 1000cc, the X3 900cc)

We received the car 7 weeks prior to the event but had to complete a Polaris Pro R build first, leaving 5 weeks to build the car. Andrew specified ease of entry and comfy seats, this led to a 40mm higher safety cage than stock and the removal of the inner door skins to fit Sparco XL seats.Having the ability to fabricate a bespoke Roll Cage is a big advantage over using a generic CNC designed cage, not only cheaper but we can tailor fit it to your requirments. The safety cage is built of stout 1 3/4″ 4130 Chrome moly tube with 1 1/2″ bracing and tig welded, there is also additional bracing welded to the front and rear shock mounts. Under seat auxiliary fuel tanks were fitted as was a CBR radiator to the rear. Front bumper is sleek in design due to having no radiator up front, nerf bars and rear bumper for ORANZ compliance. Several USA companies that we are Dealers for supplied components, Evolution Powersports helped greatly with the Engine Tune and Dual Clutch Transmission Tune, they are both crisp, the car stays in the 7000-9000 zone for up and down shifts using auto mode. The engine is around the 300-horsepower range with pump gas depending on what tune we choose. We use our code shooter and iPhone for this and can choose between a dozen or more combos, Pops and Bangs are available, all sent wirelessly to the cars ECU. EVP Silicone Charge Tubes with Blow Off Valve a 3-inch exhaust and Dual Outlet Muffler finish out the engine mods.  Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring kit seems spot on plus their limit straps and sway bar links. S3 Powersports supplied the chassis reinforcing kits and massive rear trailing arm rock guards. Method Race Wheels 407 Beadgrip wheels plus Tensor DS 33×10-15 tires put the power to the ground. The Method 407 Beadgrip Technology proved its worth at the toughest race, the beadgrips are not only much lighter there also on the inner and outer of the rim whereas most Beadlocks are only on the outer, the 33″ tall Tensors gave the higher gearing needed for the long straights plus some floatation on the soft sand with the not too aggressive tread and long footprint helping as well.

So, if you’re needing a Can Am Maverick R race car, tune or parts we have proven Cougar Race Cars have the knowledge and Dealer resources to do the job.

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