4130 Chromoly Pivot Bushing Inner Sleeve For 1/2″ Bolt 3/4″ Outside Diameter 2.308″ Total Length

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Inner sleeves are required for use with urethane & Delrin bushings.

Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel
Bolt Diameter: 1/2″
Outside Diameter: 3/4″
Inside Diameter: 1/2″
Total Length: 2.308″
Designed For:
Part Number: OSL150120 Outer Sleeve
Part Number: 500 BushingsWill Also Fit:
Part Number: CMT1250095 Outer Sleeve
Part Number: 250 BushingsNote:
With the above combination, you’ll buy a foot of 1-1/4″ tubing and cut it to length. The bushings will not touch each other.