Gauge, Tach, Mini (Hardline)

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27-2011 Mini Tachometer

  • Can be used on any 2/4 stroke engines up to 2 cylinders.
  • Provides real time reading of Tach up to 20,000rpm. Records maximum RPM, which is resettable.
  • Provides resettable trip hours (however, total hours accumulated is not resettable and cannot be erased).
  • Easy installation – peel and stick two-sided tape included, or attach with enclosed hardware. No battery or ground wire required. 100% epoxy encapsulated, waterproof case.
  • With solid state electronics, modern LCD, superb environmental durability, and enhanced functionality, this meter offers the best of today’s leading OEM’s without sacrifice to performance, operation, or budget!
  • Internal battery lasts up to 10 years.
  • Has adjustable input for all types of ignitions, including fuel injected engines.
  • Includes log book, or you can download the free app on Google Play Store.