We were the first to race and win with a Maverick R in New Zealand. As the NZ dealers for Evolution Powersports, Shock Therapy and S3 Powersports, we use and test what we sell.

While the Maverick R is not a replacement for the X3, Can-Am made their newest model to be the top of their lineup. Intended to be the best in its class, this unit proves to be ideal for the open desert riding typical in the Southwest United States, Dakar Rally and Pouto.

The newly designed suspension may have been what caught most peoples’ attention, but the new model packs more than just looks. The Maverick R touts an industry-leading 240-horsepower engine with a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). One can select Normal, Sport, or Sport+ driving modes and the computer will control how aggressively the transmission shifts and engine performs. It allows allows for switching between Automatic and Manual to control the 7-speed transmission via paddle shifters attached to the steering column. If left in Automatic, one can still downshift manually for more control (e.g., setting up for a corner or getting ready for a steep hill climb).

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