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Stock 211 240 20 91 N/A
Stage 3-91 237 269 21 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 3-93 249 283 23 93 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 4-x96 263 298 24 96 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 4-x100 272 309 25 100 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 4-x110 287 327 29 110 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 5 E 85 305 346 29.5 E85 Stock or Aftermarket

*EVP DISCLAIMER: All Dyno runs were performed in EVP’s Phoenix R&D center. Performance and boost numbers may vary based on atmospheric conditions and/or altitudes.


As many already know, Can-Am has released in our opinion the most technologically advanced side-by-side in existence and has delivered it with a DCT transmission. Having a Dual-clutch transmission is not something new in the automotive world, but it’s definitely new in the forced-induction side-by-side world. Because this vehicle is equipped with a transmission, we can incorporate different features not commonly found in our industry.

*NEW FEATURE: Basic transmission tuning to match the raised rev limit is now incorporated into all EVP Maverick R Tunes! Evolution Powersports now includes transmission tuning in all packages to refine upshift strategy with a higher-than-stock rev limit. Advanced transmission tuning with changes to upshift and downshift strategies, along with added clutch pressure, are available separately

With Stock Injector tuning options that deliver up to 68 more horsepower to the wheels on 110 octane (~32% increase vs. stock!), EVP’s ECU Power Flash for the Maverick R is a 100% transformation that turns a day in the dunes or dirt into an exotic supercar-style driving experience. Rev limiters are raised to enable longer, harder pulls and higher top speeds, engine and intercooler fans have been revised to optimize cooling, plus standard EVP tuning features like enhanced boost response, Race Start, two-foot braking and much more delivers the most fun and potent horsepower-per-dollar upgrade available for the Maverick R.

EVP Co-Founder Todd Zuccone’s background comes from the automotive space, where his previous company tuned and built some of the fastest Porsches in the world. This knowledge and expertise has been applied to the new Maverick R. One of the features brought over from the automotive tuning scene is the “pops and bangs” on decel. This allows the driver to create a backfire pop through the exhaust while shooting flames out of the exhaust pipe. A fun, immersive feature that brings a unique driving experience to this vehicle. Another feature incorporated is revised rev limit strategy for upshifts. We’ve created a DCT “burble,” which further enhances how the car sounds and feels while emitting flames out of the tailpipe on upshifts. These two added upshift and downshift features completely change the driving characteristics of the vehicle, as well as allows the driver to become completely engaged in the driving experience thanks to the level-10 fun factor and killer sound. When you take these features and combine it with a meticously designed exhaust system  that emanates the most incredible supercar sound and adds additional power, this vehicle is completely transformed.

EVP Co-Founder Jim Zuccone has spent countless hours understanding the new Dual Clutch Transmission and how it could be improved through software tuning. After owning other vehicles such as the Yamaha YXZ and Honda Talon, Jim was not a fan of geared transmissions on small displacement engines. They really take the fun out of riding – especially in the dunes, since they never seem to be in the right gear for a given situation. The Maverick R is far better than those vehicles, but still suffered from similar issues. Gaining control over the transmission functionality was paramount, while adding launch control was another feature Jim wanted and knew our customers would expect. The result of this work is the best implementation of launch control yet.

The Maverick R R&D was truly an EVP Team effort with EVP Wisconsin tuning the Maverick R to beta level on various octane fuels, EVP Mode in Phoenix refining, field testing and adding the killer “pops and bangs” feature. EVP Mode also addressed the fuel pump so E85 tunes could be developed while EVP Wisconsin gained full control over the transmission and implemented launch control (coming soon).  The focused efforts by the two brothers have transformed the Maverick R into what can only be described as the most fun, lively, and engaging SXS that you have yet to experience.

Choose between standard EVP tuning files or the new “Pops & Bangs” tunes that provide an audible cool factor for a fully immersive driving experience from the leaders in fast and furious side-by-sides.


  • Basic transmission tuning to match the raised rev limit is now included with all EVP Tunes 
  • Cold start/idle fixed – engine starts and idles like it should!
  • Massive power gains
  • Speed limits raised
  • TQ limits removed
  • Engine cooling fan On/Off temps lowered to turn the fan on at lower temperature, keeping the engine cooler.
  • Intercooler fan operation revised to turn on as soon as the vehicle receives any throttle input while in gear. This way you don’t have to listen to the fans at idle while still maximizing cooling without the added expense of a fan override. Having the ECU control this functionality in a refined way is always best rather than having to turn the fan on or off manually.
  • Transmission fan operation is revised to come on at a lower temperature than stock. This keeps the DCT fluid cooler than stock, but doesn’t risk it becoming too cold. The transmission is designed to operate within a certain temperature range. A fan override switch not only adds additional expenses, but when left on it can cool the fluid temperatures too far below operating temperature, which may lock the vehicle out of certain functions and/or limit power. Having the ECU control this function is always best to keep the transmission within its correct operational range.
  • Rev Limit Increased for longer pulls and higher top speeds
  • Improved overall power delivery, more consistent power in warm climates
  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced boost response and boost pressure for more power
  • Integrated 2-Foot Braking: Gas and brake at the same time
  • Software is Based on the latest Can-Am software update
  • Race exhaust is highly recommended when running the “Pops & Bangs” tune (EVP Race Exhaust coming soon)
  • Standard tunes compatible with OEM muffler and catalytic converter
  • E85 Tuning Packages coming soon!