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Better flow, more durability, and reinforced for ALL the boost! The new-and-improved EVP Silicone Charge Tubes for Maverick R feature 5-ply construction from reinforced Nomex fibers that deliver a significant upgrade in durability compared to the thinner OEM tube. Additionally, the integrated interior Fluorocarbon lining (red) delivers exceptional lubricity and chemical resistance while being able to withstand constant boost pressure as well as temps ranging from -76° F to 437° F.

The 5-ply construction plus added layer of Fluorocarbon maintains exceptional structural integrity even under high boost pressure to ensure burst-free performance that you simply can’t count on with the OEM tube. EVP’s Silicone Charge Tubes are UV- and Ozone-resistant, and are designed to handle the rigors of increased pressure whether racing or pushing your Maverick R to the max in the most extreme conditions.

  • Capable of handling and harnessing high-boost pressure
    • Working pressure: 70 psi – BAR 4.8
    • Burst pressure: 207 psi – BAR 14.3
  • Higher flow and better lubricity than rubber for smoother delivery
  • UV- and Ozone-resistant material, unlike OEM
  • Features a Fluorocarbon (red) lining that’s resistant to oil, fuel and high temperatures for enhanced flow and durability
  • 6mm wall thickness, 5-ply construction for extreme durability
  • Reuses OEM clamps for installation
  • Includes an anodized billet block-off plug for vehicles without a Blow-Off-Valve