Light, compact, bulletproof. The Albins 10″ Low Shift transaxle utilizes the same robust gear stacks as its big brother, coupled with a 10″ ring and pinion. As a result of the 10″ ring and pinion, smaller differential, and smaller case, this unit is 30 pounds lighter and much more compact than the full size Albins. The smaller size of this trans makes it ideal for limited class racecars or installation into an existing chassis.

Originally based on a G50 Porsche, The AGB Low Shift couples the silky smooth shifts of a 911 with the brute strength needed to survive the harshest environments. The dogchange version has evolved tremendously from their G50 origins and now utilize the same gear geometry found in the AGB Sequential, but with “H” pattern shifting.

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  • 10″ diameter ring gear.
  • Klingelnberg palloid ring & pinion design provides maximum strength and durability.
  • Bronze load bolt prevents ring gear displacement under extreme shock loading.
  • Spiral bevel final drive reduces frictional losses and transfers maximum power to the wheels.
  • Cast LM25 aluminum housings heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot blasted after casting.
  • Helical cut drive gears increase load carrying capacity.
  • Heavy duty constant mesh reverse gear.
  • Billet 7075-T6 sidecovers for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Internally ribbed differential housing increases ground clearance.
  • Oil will not leak out of trans when CV joints are removed.
  • Available for mid or rear-engine applications.
  • Hydraulically actuated throwout bearing available with flat or convex thrust surface.
  • Planetary differential for increased strength
  • 934/935 drive flanges are standard.
  • Chevy bell housing option now available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  • 6-speed also available