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EVP DISCLAIMER: The Maverick R BOV kit requires an EVP (or aftermarket) Silicone Charge Tube with 25mm BOV Port for proper installation/use. Not compatible with the OEM charge tube.

At 240 HP stock, the new EVP Blow-Off-Valve (BOV) Kit for Can-Am Maverick R is a must-have addition to help prevent compressor surge and lost performance while prolonging the lifespan of both your turbo and engine—not to mention the addicting sound made from a properly designed BOV with the correct spring rate and preload for the engine/turbo package.

Evolution Powersports was first in the industry to design and produce a Blow Off Valve (BOV) specifically for small-displacement, factory-turbocharged engines. Virtually every BOV on the market was designed for automotive applications, which have different requirements in terms of spring rates and flow capacity vs a powersports engine. Back in 2015, we decided to take a no-expenses-spared approach to designing a BOV specifically for the powersports market. The latest V3.0 design features inverted chevron-styled ports that foster quick, crisp pressure relief with a BOV sound that’s unrivaled in the industry.

For a BOV to work consistently and not leak, tolerances must be held to an extremely high standard. The EVP BOV body, cap and piston are precision CNC machined from billet aluminum with tolerances that approach within .0003″. The sliding components are hard anodized and coated so the BOV will last the lifetime of the engine. The four O-rings incorporated into the design feature Viton rubber construction, which has the highest heat-rating and sealing capabilities of any BOV on the market today. For each vehicle / engine type we make BOV kits for, the spring rates are properly matched for optimum performance.

  • Tested to 500+ horsepower
  • Prevents compressor surge, which leads to lost performance and throttle response when closed then reopening at speed
  • Simple install, no drilling required
  • The body, piston and cap are machined from billet aluminum
  • The cap is anodized and re-machined for easy gripping for spring tension adjustments
  • The piston and body are hard coated with impregnated Teflon anti-friction matrix
  • The design has 3 sealing O-rings for leak-proof operation
  • Quick, crisp pressure relief from the BOV chevron-styled ports, creating the addicting “pshhh pshhh” sound that turbo customers crave
  • Includes a prefilter to keep dirt/sand out of the valve exhaust ports
  • Requires EVP Silicone Charge Tube (or aftermarket charge tube) with 25mm BOV port