Howe Performance 1017 Power Steering Fluid Reservoir With Filter #10 Return #10 Relief #12 To Pump

Howe’s “old style” reservoir with #12 male fitting for the pump. #10 fittings for control valve and for the pressure relief valve. The “new style” high flow reservoir has a #16 fitting for the pump. Part number HOW101716 or you can purchase IDI2027021216 if you already have Howe’s 1017 reservoir but require the larger #16 pump fitting. Just keep in mind that when you purchase the HOW101716 reservoir with the #16 fitting already on it, Howe machines the inside diameter of their fitting for extra flow.


  • Includes Baldwin BT839-10 filter
  • #4 male vent
  • #10 male return from control valve
  • #10 male return from bypass valve
  • #12 male feed to the pump
  • Canister diameter: 4″
  • Canister length: 6″
  • Total length from top of cap to bottom of filter: 15″
  • Mounting: 3-1/8″ left to right x 1″ vertically
  • Mounting Holes: Four 5/16″-18 coarse thread holes