Switch For Whelan Siren

$248.00 incl gst

Whelen WSSMSW3 Switch For Their WSSC30 Siren Has 3 Switches For Siren, Horn And Auxiliary Lights

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This switch can clamp to any diameter bar using a hose clamp. After you program the siren’s mode, this module gives you 3 switches to activate 2 functions on the siren and auxiliary lights. This is an example using the default Mode 1 programming on the siren

Switch 1

  • White with brown stripe wire on siren connects to the gray wire of this switch.
  • First push of switch does 1st tone
  • Second push of switch does 2nd tone
  • Two quick taps of switch turns siren off

Switch 2

  • White with red stripe wire on siren connects to the brown wire of this switch.
  • Push of switch activates horn

Switch 3 activates your auxiliary lighting


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